You know how easy your teenagers make technology seem? When you struggle with a manual while they make something light up without even a thought? We've all been there, once or twice. The new Audi A6 is filled with more innovative technology than ever before, but there's no reason to fear, because 'advanced technology doesn't have to be complicated.' See for yourself.

Nothing can get too complicated when you have the help of the Siri® Eyes Free system and Audi connect app and Internet radio on your side, right? Of course, the technology doesn't end there. A corner and top view camera system is available, providing drivers with rear and overhead views of their Audi A6 for added driver assistance.

The infrared camera and thermal-imaging technology behind the night vision assistant will impress even your teenager with its ability to help you see farther down the road in low-light situations.

It's 2015, people, don't resist the incredible technology the Audi brand has put out there for you. Find it all here at Audi Escondido today.

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