Now that the holiday season is here, there's a pretty good chance that you and your loved ones will be traveling to see each other. You'll also be anticipating the taste of foods that make the holidays even more memorable. If you want to make sure that your entrees and desserts reach their destination in one piece, keep these tips from Audi Escondido in mind.

Before you put food containers in the car, place a large blanket or tarp on the floor of your car. This will keep food stains from getting into the carpet of the interior, which saves you a considerable amount of cleaning time. You can also use a reusable shopping bag or large sandwich bag to house small casserole dishes to keep the dishes from spilling over into the car. Once you've packed your foods, ask one of your loved ones to sit in the back seat and make sure that there are no mishaps.

Happy holidays from all of us at the Audi Escondido dealership!

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