Here at Audi Escondido, we are excited about offering a pre-approval process for our customers who are in the market for a new or used vehicle. Simply go to our website and fill out a short form online. Our finance department will be happy to review your situation and will be back in touch with you in a very short time.

Once you have your approval you can better negotiate your way to a successful purchase of your next new or used car while not having to worry or fret over possible financing hang-ups. We are all used to the old way where we pick out our vehicle, and then have to worry if we can get it financed. Now that problem has been eliminated.

Now you can take your time and find just what you want, knowing all the time that your financing is ready to go. So, why hesitate? Fill out the form today and start the process of buying your next car at our location in Escondido, CA.

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