Now that holidays are almost here, you'll likely be traveling to see your friends and loved ones to create even more cherished memories with them. To ensure that you get to your destination safely, here are some car maintenance tips that you may find helpful from the Audi Escondido service team.

Get all the fluids checked and topped off in your car before getting on the road. This keeps the internal parts of your car lubricated so that the vehicle will run smoothly. You should also have your mechanic check your battery to make sure that it has not expanded due to the cold weather. If there is corrosion or debris on the battery, have it professionally removed before you take your road trip. You may also need to have your tires rotated before your holiday trip. The tires on the front of your car get worn faster, so they should be rotated to the back to make sure that your car is balanced. It may be time to have your tires replaced, so check with your mechanic to make sure.

Wishing you happy holidays from Audi Escondido!

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