Towing Guide

Are you planning a big trip to the mountains or lake? You may want to consider a few things before attaching that trailer or boat to the back of your truck. Here are two things to avoid when hauling large objects on the road.

1. Do not use side-view towing mirrors when you have a trailer

It is better to invest in extended mirrors that let you see from the front to the back of your extra load. Side-view towing mirrors are quite limited in this regard.

2. Do not haul with under-inflated tires

You would not feel comfortable driving your vehicle on under-inflated tires. Why, then, would you deem it acceptable to tow with poorly inflated rubber? You should conduct a safety inspection before attaching a trailer, boat, or anything else that is heavy. The first thing that you should check is the condition of your truck and trailer tires.

Enjoy your trip with the family the safe way. Stop by our service center at Audi Escondido in Escondido, CA to learn more about towing capacity!

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