How to Test Your Car's Battery Safely with a Voltmeter

Using a voltmeter is the easiest way to test the car battery, but you'll need to also have some safety glasses, work gloves, and a wire brush, to complete the job the right way.

Be sure your vehicle lights and engine are off first. Clean the battery terminals if you see corrosion on either terminal.

The voltmeter has only two cable connections, the red one will go to the positive end of the car battery, the black cable goes on the negative.

The voltmeter will show a reading at 12.4 or above when the car battery is in good charging condition. If the meter shows a reading at 12.2 or less, the battery may have lost the ability to hold a charge and might not be able to start your vehicle.

The next thing to do is drive to our service center at Audi Escondido so we can test the charging system and replace the battery if needed.

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