Are You Having a Bumpy Ride? Check the Suspension

With the potholes in the streets of Escondido, and other cities throughout the country, it’s easy for a car's suspension system to become damaged. The suspension system can also become faulty through everyday wear and tear as you drive your car on errands and back and forth to work.

There are some warning signs when part of the suspension system is having problems. If you notice that your car bounces more than normal after hitting a bump, you may have a suspension problem. Cars with suspension problems may also lean in turns, and they may develop a hard ride that shakes you as the car goes down the road. You may also notice fluid coming from the shocks and/or struts.

If you suspect that your vehicle may have suspension issues, contact the service center at Audi Escondido. New shocks or struts may be needed to get your vehicle operating in top condition again.

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