Let Your Car Breathe Clean Air

As humans, we need clean air to breathe to keep from getting sick. Dirty air makes it harder for us to breathe and function at peak performance. This is true for car and trucks as well. They need clean air for the engine to run in top condition. If your car's air filter is dirty, your vehicle won't operate as efficiently as it should.

Your car's air filter, and cabin filters if your car has them, needs to be changed on a regular basis. This will be outlined in the service schedule from your vehicle's manufacturer. If you notice that your car's air filter is getting dirty in between scheduled changes, that is a time to change the filter as well.

Those who live in Escondido should visit our service center here at Audi Escondido for a check of both the air filter and the cabin filter. If the filters are dirty, technicians can easily replace both.

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