Brake Service

When you are driving around Escondido and you suddenly notice that it's taking you longer to get your car to come to a stop, you shouldn't ignore it. If your car is making a funny noise when you do come to a stop, you are going to want to head to get service on your brakes as soon as possible.

While you might think it's something you can wait on, but the fact of the matter is your brakes might give out at any moment. The noise and the poor stopping are big time warning signs.

The problem is that when talking about "brake service" you are talking about a couple of different parts. There's the axle, the brake pads, and the rotors. If any part of this goes bad, it will get progressively worse and more expensive. If you think you need your brakes serviced get it to a mechanic or to Audi Escondido as soon as possible.

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