Stay in Control During Rainy Weather

At the start of rainfall, the water mixes with oils on the road surface to form a slick film. Rain forms a layer between your tire and the road surface. When compared to dry roads, stopping takes more distance, and the water reduces contact with the wheels. Driving in the rain requires strict driver attention.

In dry conditions, Escondido drivers know that cruise control is an excellent feature for making driving easier. In rainy conditions, you must stay in control. Cruise control can increase risks because it may not adjust for lower visibility, lower traction, and slower speeds by other vehicles. Rainy conditions require your judgment and awareness.

At Audi Escondido, we invite you to call or stop by our service center for scheduled maintenance and to check your vehicle's safety features. You must be prepared for rainy conditions including lights, tire tread, and wiper systems. Don't delay on rain safety, call or stop by today.

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