Motor Oil: Which one to Choose?

For those of us that take car care seriously, choosing a motor oil can be a stressful and confusing process at times. Similar to a parent choosing the best food for their new baby, selecting the best oil diet for our car can be an anxious moment. We often rely on guidelines handed down from our parents or tribal knowledge picked up from friends and other associates along the way. However, much of this information is often false or misconstrued.

One example is the belief that synthetic oil causes oil leaks in older cars. While this may happen with a small percentage of drivers that switch to synthetic, it is extremely rare and is definitely not caused by the synthetic oil. Synthetic oil is highly penetrating and is high in detergents. This can cause sludge buildup to break up and be flushed away, exposing seal gaps and leaks that may have been pre-existing. Synthetic oil may expose existing leaks, but will never cause one.

Details like this and many others are common knowledge to the experts in our service center at Audi Escondido.

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