Is it Time for New Tires on Your Car?

If you haven't purchased tires for some time, you may start to wonder if the tread is still good. A quick trip to Audi Escondido and you can have your tires checked for safety. If you see bulges in your tires or cracks are appearing in the rubber, it's time to bring your tires to our service center.

You may need new tires if the tread is worn down too low. Try placing a penny in the tread. If you can see the top of Lincoln's head, you probably need new tires. If you can see the tread coming away from the tires, or noticeable bulges, your tires may be dangerous to drive.

Keep your car in good working order by visiting our service center here at Audi Escondido for routine maintenance. We will make sure that your car is ready for the road and your tires are safe for driving. Call us for an appointment today.

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