Warning Signs the Car Hoses and Belts Might Fail

Being able to identify when the belts or hoses on your car's engine may fail could help eliminate your car overheating on the highway. Here are some warning signs the belts and hoses need to be replaced.

Looking more closely at the belts, you might see them cracking or fraying. These belts have to power things like the radiator fan or water pump, so it is ideal to catch them early when they might fail or those parts stop working too. Listen for squealing belt noises too.

The radiator hoses are stationary, allowing engine coolant to run through them to the engine and radiator. If the hoses are cracked or have soft spots, they might be failing. Brittle hoses with splitting sections are trouble and should be brought to the attention of a service center technician.

Bring your vehicle to our service center here at Audi Escondido and we'll give the hoses and belts a full inspection.

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