Making sure your brakes are working is one of the best ways to ensure your safety on the road. Over time, your brakes become worn and may not work as effectively as they should. The factory-trained technicians at Audi Escondido are here to make sure your brakes are in excellent condition for the streets of Escondido, CA.

Properly working brakes are a necessity during your daily commute. If your brakes are squeaking or squealing, this is a clear indication it may be time to have them inspected or replaced. Another sign your brakes are failing is if your vehicle is pulling to one side. When your car is leaking brake fluid or if your brakes feel mushy, experts recommend having your vehicle checked immediately. Lastly, steering-wheel vibrations when applying the brakes is another warning sign.

When you’re ready to have your brakes checked our replaced, make your way to Audi Escondido. We have an on-site service center dedicated to keeping your new or late-model Audi in excellent condition. Our factory-trained technicians are here to assist you and keep your vehicle healthy for years to come. Be sure to schedule your next service appointment online as well. Contact us and stop by our dealership to learn more.

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