During times of pandemic and isolation, you may wonder if Audi Escondido is still open. Our online showroom gives you our current selection 24/7. When you want to buy, you can use our home test drive and an online shopping system. We want you to stay safe and healthy during the COVID-19 pandemic. We make it easy for you to buy a car and test drive it from your home or office. You do not have to buy, but you may want to when you get a feel for your Audi. Start your deal online at Audi Escondido and schedule a home test drive.

Staying Open to Help You

We know times are tough, and we know you may still need a new car. You might be an essential employee or have relatives in need of care. A new Audi can help you along for the future, in comfort and style. Whether you need a sports car, electric car, or SUV, we have a great new selection from which to choose. However, we also want to ensure your safety and health during pandemic times. Use our Home Delivery Program to buy or lease a new Audi from your home device. Before you apply, you can schedule a test drive from your home or office. There is no obligation for the test drive.

To get started, build your deal online. Our digital retail process enables you to follow the steps in building a new finance or lease deal. Craft your monthly payments and get an appraisal for your trade, fast and easy. Once you know your costs, you can apply online using our secure forms. When you're ready to begin, schedule an appointment for delivery. We'll run your car out to your home with your paperwork. After you sign, you're all set!

Shop with Us Today

We invite you to take advantage of home test drives and delivery at Audi Escondido. Order, buy, and lease a new Audi without ever leaving your home. Shop with us and make sure to stay safe and healthy!